We said we wanted more of this label, and we definitely got it, although not always quite the ones I’d have chosen. This, however, feels very right. I love it; it’s like an array of tennis skirts all strung together. And that is some Dunstian cleav right there, which I mean as a compliment.

The one thing that’s distracting me is the seam running across her chest. The runway version did not have one, but the v-neck was clearly tacked down somehow to the model’s skin, so Brie’s team must have added netting to secure it instead of tape. Right? Well, I can’t tell:

Brie Larson

That’s pretty invisible. If not for the seam I might not have looked for anything there at all. I mean, maybe it IS just like a little string holding the sides in place? Regardless, it’s totally distracting and it’s messing with the lines of an otherwise great dress. Whatever happened to good old fashioned boob tape? Was it not strong enough to wrangle her? Has Captain Marvel herself defeated the science of stickyness?

[Photo: Getty]