So, I was on vacation a bit last week and over the weekend. I went to San Francisco and had the best time and walked ALL OVER the place — so many steps! I might have shin splints! — and I noted on my Instagram story that I basically wore this jacket the entire time. (I have the one from a couple of years ago, but it’s the same idea.) It was GREAT for a trip where you are tromping all around a place that has variable weather systems in one day, and also need pockets. You can slip your phone right there! You can put various tickets right there! It’s casual but also pretty chic! It has these doohickeys so you can cinch the waist in! Perfect! ANYWAY. I can’t believe I have to clarify this, but when I waxed poetic about it, this was not meant as an endorsement for ANYONE to wear what is essentially my camp jacket as a A SKIRT. Brandi: You look like a showgirl who lost her hot pants at Boy Scout camp. GET A GRIP.

(Speaking of Insta, while I’ve got you, we’re toying with our Fug Girls Insta now — in addition to our personal ones; I know, welcome to 2014 — in case you care about such things.)

(Oh, and speaking of jackets and J Crew, also, back in the day we had a whole long convo about leather jackets, and I noted that I’d gotten mine, which I also love, at J Crew Factory. Well, J Crew is tricky and now they’re selling basically the exact same jacket at Madewell for like nearly double the price. If you don’t want to spend $500, keep an eye out for a sale — it’s a good jacket, and I say that as a person who spent like FIVE YEARS looking for a leather jacket.)

(This post was NOT sponsored by J Crew, I swear. I just am very familiar with their jacket inventory. But it might have been sponsored by parentheses?)