In one corner, we have Mr. Urban in a deep vee tank-top, the tendrils of his tattoo just visible as they lick his manscaped pec, and draped in a translucent, iridescent shirt with slight frays. In the other, we have Ms. Kidman, in a deep-vee nipple shirt colloquially referred to as a bra, the contours of her navel just visible as it is squeezed like an udder by her stretchy dress, the dots all connected by see-through lace that fits in around a bizarre knee-peninsula. But Nicole has an extra secret:

2017 CMT Music Awards - Arrivals

Yes, that’s some hip lace, crescent-like — or perhaps in the shape of a teardrop, the better to reflect my soul’s reaction to this basket of woe. The top photo almost looks like someone Photoshopped her head onto, like, a slightly vertically stretched Rooney Mara. Maybe she should claim this was a hologram.

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