I will always think of Legends of the Fall as Peak Heartthrob Brad Pitt, with the flowing mane and aura of anguish. Of course by the time it came out, Brad was off doing other things, looking other ways; I don’t think this particular aesthetic was in service of anything other than “I’m on hiatus and I don’t have to care what my hair is doing for a while” and also maybe “I am renting a really fancy camper van in Malibu and smoking a lot of weed until I have to go back to work.” Interview With a Vampire premiered about three weeks before this, and in her flashback, Jessica joked of this basic era of Pitt that Brad was actively trying to de-hot himself; if so, he hadn’t given up that dream yet, and I can certainly see the appeal of wanting to wipe off the world’s collective drool for a moment. However, he had to have been about 30 seconds away from both shearing his head for Se7en and breaking up with poor Jitka Poheldek here for Gwyneth Paltrow, because SHE was his date when he celebrated the wide release like six weeks later:


That was some real speed work there, Bradley. Faster than a speeding Norelco.

[Photo: Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images, Tim Rooke/Shutterstock]