Blake Lively’s movie, the adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us, comes out in August but she has begun some gentle PR with appearances at a book expo. And between her two outfits, she delivered what you probably hope to see from a Blake Lively appearance: legs, those locks, and designer labels. First up, the flowery Balmain, which ALMOST looks like she’s hatching from an expensive bejeweled cardigan. It’s also verging on Boobs Legsly territory, from the olden Gossip Girl days. I can only assume she was… going thematic with the greenery on the backdrop? Blake loves a theme.

This next one… hmm:

Columbia Pictures

The jeans are Valentino, the hair is pure Serena, and the pants… are surprisingly sort of fun? But a very specific vibe that you might have to be Blake Lively to pull off. I don’t know if the sisterhood would want them to travel, so much as be like, “…. You keep them. Save on postage.”

[Photos: Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images]