Blake gave birth to her third daughter in October, and bless her, but I can think of few outfits that look LESS appealing to wear two months post-partum than a Widow Jessica Rabbit aesthetic with bordello boots**. Or course, I am not Blake, and so maybe to Blake these are comfort clothes — the kind of thing that she put on and finally felt like herself again, like a person who was in control of her own body and got to do and be something that didn’t automatically take into consideration a fetus or a breastfeeding infant or whatever. I have no problem with that. Reclaim yourselves however you need to, ladies. I applaud her for having the energy to get dolled up and celebrate her own hard work. That necklace certainly is worth the effort of heaving it around all night. However, I do also feel like this whole aesthetic is very costumey for Blake, as if she decided that making a hard-boiled revenge flick demanded a hard-boiled version of glamour — draped in velvet and leather for an A-list ass-whooping in a Bond flick, for example. Welcome back, Blake. You do always try something.

** Oh, boy. It’s Dolce & Gabbana. You know by now how I feel about THOSE unapologetic jerks. Blake, couldn’t you have tried something else? The world is a complicated place and I get that, and we’re always going to have to balance our decisions imperfectly, but man, there are a bajillion designers out there who would kill to get a gown on your bod, and I am sad those two won the day.

“HA HA¬† HA, me too, right? I’m trying these GIANT TROUSERS and whatever this crooked jacket is doing, and this tiny Mohawk that looks like it might be a man-bun, but isn’t! WHAT AM I DOING? ISN’T IT A GAS?”

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