Poor Bella. She is a mainstay at Coachella, and yet I am concerned she might have missed the Beyonce-kissed first weekend this year — and thus the element of musical surprise — in part because she’s stuck on the press trail for her movie¬†Help! It’s the Sun! or whatever.¬†That has to cut deep. Then again, while I haven’t yet seen a picture of her ambling around the desert, her Instagram implies that she was in the general area doing… something?… with her clothing company, Filthy Fangs, maker of such t-shirt gems as “Bitch I’m Bella Thorne,” and the “I’m Cute” shirt she’s got on here.

In fact, she wore this outfit, but with pink underpants, on her Instagram a couple weeks ago. Her hat says, “I’m thinking about becoming French,” her sleeve says, “Someone left my gelato out in the rain,” her pants are the color of a reveler in the SoCal desert who forgot sunscreen, and her entire demeanor says, “I am smiling on the outside, but inside, planning hot revenge against whomever accidentally only bought me tickets to weekend two.”

[Photo: InstarImages.com]