As a big baseball fan, I have long lamented that — unlike the NBA and the NFL — the players generally do not roll up for games looking particularly dapper (with a few notable exceptions, like my beloved Mookie Betts). The Dodgers social media team is often like, “here’s Clayton Kershaw entering the ballpark in baggy shorts and a tee shirt his wife keeps trying to throw out.” (Having said that, as a Dodgers mega-fan, I would never want to meddle with whatever Kersh does before a start.) However! The men who played in the All Star Game at Dodger Stadium last night — including Kershaw – did bring it to the red carpet. We have so many patterned suits! I am proud. I’m also delighted to inform you that almost everyone brought their cute family, which includes a lot of adorable little noodles in suits and/or sunglasses, some very tiny babies, lots of proud parents and partners, and we’ve got at least one person I’ve decided needs to be the focus of a dating show when the off-season rolls around. Which I personally hope will not be until like November, as he is on the Dodgers. Let’s play ball!

PS: Our photo service is sometimes deranged when ID’ing folks; I think I caught all their errors but I’m used to seeing these dudes in a cap, so if any of these are somehow wrong, give a shout. Also welcome: Fun facts about any of these folks and please give love to your faves!

[Photos: John Salangsang/Shutterstock, Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images, Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images]