Whoops, found a straggler from the film awards. Better late than never.

Or, perhaps never would have been okay. The sweetness of the dress itself, I would maybe get behind on, say, Elle Fanning. Or maybe even on Shailene, if she’d been styled differently. But that lipstick does not go with this outfit. It’s like s someone handed her a free sample when she got out of her limo. Subtract that, and what do we have? A bulbous topknot that still might not befit the gown beneath it, although with her fuchsia mouth getting in the way it’s hard to tell. I just think this whole thing was poorly put together — either go edged-out ballerina, or go twee and girly and young, but don’t try to straddle the line or else you will just look bow-legged all night.

What would you do here? Erase and restart, or just airbrush out some styling blemishes? Be her Hindsight Photoshop, Fug Nation.

[Photo: Getty]