News you can use: Keira Knightley is in Hulu film called Boston Strangler, about…well, it’s right there. She and my beloved Carrie Coon play Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole, the reporters who worked at Boston’s Record-American (now The Herald) at the time and basically figured out that there was a serial killer on the loose (and named him). That sounds potentially good, and I hope it is! (I love movies about reporters figuring out crimes.) Something else good: Keira Knightley being back out and about wearing things — this time a Chanel ensemble that has a wee whiff of Lady Pirate in Mourning about it. Appropriate given that everyone has been asking her about the possible reboot (ugh) of Pirates of the Caribbean, which she doesn’t want to be in, if it ever even happens, which I doubt, which is very legit on her part. Let’s reboot Bend It Like Beckham instead, if we’re going back into the Knightley vault!

[Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]