Well, we had the Spanish royal couple earlier in the week, and now we have Canada’s.

Oh, Canada, I’m just kidding. I tease because I love. Regardless, here are Avril Lavigne and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, otherwise known as FM Radio In 2002, wandering our of a radio interview. Avril of that year would look at Current Avril and be pretty annoyed that she’s not wearing a tutu and not NEARLY enough pink, but would count as victories the colored streaks, the braids, and the teenage tendency to hang her head and hide half her face behind her hair. (Chad Kroeger of 2002 would probably look at this and be like, “I MARRIED SK8ER BOI???”) I don’t know that I have an opinion on any of it exactly, except that Avril looks both more normal than I expected and still very dated, like she is convinced this is all a weird sex dream and it’s really still 2005. But it’s a very slow Hump Day in Hollywood, so we might as well chat it up and talk about how Sk8er Boi is secretly great for the treadmill and Nickelback is… also something that happened.

Edited to add that I had forgotten every Nickelback song I ever heard, and now, ten minutes after writing this post, I have one in my head and IT WILL NOT STOP. It is not an earworm; it’s a mind parasite.

[Photo: Splash]