I know that People are wearing bike shorts, just out and about, and have been for a few summers now. I am aware. Even J.Crew is selling them! I, however, did not wear bike shorts outside of actual exercising during the 90s, and I strongly doubt I will wear them now. (I also once said I’d never wear skinny jeans, so I need to leave myself a tiny bit of wiggle room.) I cannot rightly sign off on this; I think they are very silly outside of the workout space, and to me this trend feels like someone thought, “we need A NEW SHORT to sell to people, but what? WHAT?! OH MY GOD I’VE GOT IT IT BIKE SHORTS. No. I’ll never pull it off. No one will buy that. OR WILL THEY? God, Francesca, don’t doubt yourself. You can do this. Make a great Instagram ad and SELL BIKE SHORTS TO TWENTYSOMETHINGS. This will be your greatest achievement!!”

Having said all that, Ashley Graham looks very cute here. It helps that Ashley Graham is a professional model and her hair is blowing in the wind like she’s coming down the runway. She operates at a high degree of difficulty! (I do wish she were wearing fashion sneakers because I think the heels make this feel too try hard on everyone who does it. I mean, I know we’re doing bike shorts, but they’re stillĀ bike shorts.)

Will YOU wear bike shorts this summer? (Other than to exercise.)

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