Three out of the five supporting actress nominees are in here in this pink/purple post, and I realized while contemplating them that every single one of the five would have been a winner that made me happy on some level. Stephanie Hsu was a revelation, Hong Chau elevates every single thing she’s in (I would have given her an Oscar just for a single 20-second sliver of The Menu), Kerry Condon was wonderful and grounding and sympathetic, Jamie Lee Curtis was really good, and Angela Bassett pours all of herself into every single thing she does, EVER, in the most incredible way. Like, she could totally phone in every scene of 911 if she wanted to and no one would fault her for it, but she never does. But I did feel a real pang when I saw Angela’s face — she couldn’t hide that split-second of disappointment, for even Queen Angela is human — and I hope she walked into the bathroom ten minutes later and was like, “Holy shit… LOOK AT ME. WHO IS THE REAL WINNER HERE,” because yes.

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