Again, And Just Like That is really, really good at this. Not at being a show, no; it’s miserable at that. But it gets us curious and it gets us talking. You can imagine them in the writers’ room identifying moments in each script that should be shot outside, for maximum attention and piquing of curiosity. Here, it’s Carrie bursting forth from her home — in setups that are beautiful and intentionally paparazzi-friendly — in the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress she last donned to marry Big in the first movie… except, he got cold feet, essentially jilted her, she chased him into the street, and an excruciating movie unfolded. Obviously, we’re left wondering why in god’s name she’s resurrecting this outfit, or why she kept it in the first place, since it was arguably her most miserable moment other than the time his Peloton murdered him. Maybe, she’s off to the party where Lisa Todd Wexley may or may not be in costume as Covid, and the theme is The Worst Thing That Happened To You, Discounting The Time a Peloton Murdered Your Husband.

Mostly, can we just… leave Big behind for a while? The show cut Chris Noth out of its finale after his dirtbaggery was uncovered. They wrapped her grief up in a bow. Can we time jump? Do we need all these callbacks? And I know she’s a hoarder, but wouldn’t she have, like, burned this dress in a rage? Or sold it last season when she was going through her stuff, during the 10 minutes that they pretended she had a relationship with Charlotte’s daughter Lily? Help.

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