This dress is freaking me out a little. Her head looks great, the color is nice on her, and it MIGHT have been fine with adjustments…

… but the belt is freaking me out, in part because I can’t actually TELL if it is a belt. I don’t THINK her body is really shaped like that, so it would make SENSE that it’s a belt with weird fake-flesh panels, but…. it also looks sometimes like skin, and if it IS skin, WHERE IS HER BELLY BUTTON? Doesn’t that seem like it’s the wrong size to be obscuring it? I just… where did it go?

Shouldn’t she have one there? It wouldn’t be any lower, right? Would it be higher? Did she have it removed? Are those seriously panels that are meant to LOOK like skin? Are they SKIN PANELS that are NOT her skin? Did someone put lotion in a basket? I genuinely don’t … Listen, I DO know that it’s a very UNFLATTERING outfit, regardless of what’s happening, but… SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS HAPPENING.

This makes it look like skin again, though — looking on the side, that seems to be a clasp of some kind, which… O NAVEL WHERE ART THOU? I am just going to focus on her face and pretend the rest of it isn’t real.

[Photo: Getty]