I once was talked into sampling America’s Got Talent (“Once,” she repeats, like Joe Piscopo in Johnny Dangerously), and wow, is it wrongly named. I might argue it should be renamed Boy, America Has A Lot Of Self-Confidence. In fact, the whole affair makes me conclude that we need to treat each network’s talent shows like the Olympics: You get ONE every four years. So, for example, you enjoy The Voice now, because it’s Idol next year, AGT the year after that, and… whatever else (So You Think You Can Dance, maybe) the year after that, until The Voice gets its turn again. Just everyone rotate and then no one gets sick of any of it, and perhaps the talent pool in America will feel less tapped out each successive season.

Of course, that would mean not as much of Heidi Klum on the red carpet, and we’d miss out on such gems as I Left My Legs In The Oven On 450 For An Hour.

It’s probably a real tan, because don’t you think it’d be evenly everywhere if she were faking it? Oh, Heidi. My real concern is with the bargain-bin appliqués that are creeping up your sequined skirt, and the fact that your sleeves look like clearance lingerie. But at least she’s trying here not to be predictable. Or klumplacent, if you will (but will you?). Not the case with her other outfit:

It could be worse — that’s certainly one way to inspire your teenager to learn about obtuse triangles, I guess? — but that’s faint praise.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]