You guys, there was a long, long moment where I thought this wide-weave mesh was the only thing Ms Lo was wearing tonight, along with her Kardashian waist-trainer or whatever that is, and, of course, her knee-high boots:

Don’t want your calves to get cold, obviously! I am, however, happy (?????) to report that she is wearing beige knickers and nipple guards.

Did I say “knickers”? I guess “thong” is more accurate. What follows is…kinda safe for work? How does your work feel about butt cheeks?

I know I’m just an uptight old lady — I spent much of the AMAs red carpet watching a DVRed program called Inside the Court of Henry VIII and muttering things like, “ugh, Catherine Howard, try thinking critically” instead — and it’s not even that I care about seeing someone’s fleshy intimates in public. (Dude, if you really want to show your ass, be my guest.) But what I also am is so freaking bored of this already.

[Photo: Getty]