I am going to start out with my one note about this, which is that it might feel a bit….formal? And Nina’s a master at the Sparkly Mini — I would have bet a bundle that she was going to go in that direction last night — so I am surprised she went sequined full-length for this particular occasion. She’s also not a musician (did she present?), so this is one of those events where she definitely wasn’t required to look like she went all-out. No one is really going to be looking at her other than to think, “oooh, Nina Dobrev! I really miss her on The Vampire Diaries.” (Which IS a good reason to have people look at you, don’t get me wrong. I remain now and forever Team Dobrev.) ALL THAT CRABBILY SAID: On the whole, this is super pretty, her hair looks great, and I love those shoes. JUST LOOK AT THEM!

So, overall, I call it a win. What do you think? Talk to me, Goose.

[Photos: Getty]