It must be a bummer to arrive at an event and find out that Heidi Klum is there wearing a similarly lacy black filmy number:

2010 American Music Awards - Arrivals
Maybe Julianne can laugh it off by claiming they’re both actually products from Zuul’s broad new line of home decor, exclusively yours at Macy’s, right next to the Martha Stewart towels (and boy, does Zuul like it that way, because Martha is a big ol’ flirt after a few belts of potato vodka).
Separately, I’ve figured out who J.Hough reminds me of with her brown hair: Vera Farmiga. I should point out that this is not necessarily an indictment of the makeover, because although I think Julianne looks distractingly unlike herself, I’d also like to point out that looking like Vera Farmiga has helped Vera Farmiga make out with both Mark Wahlberg AND George Clooney. So there’s that.