This wallpaper-ish Louis Vuitton is right up my street — I don’t love the black horizontal fasteners across the front, because they sort of make her look as though she’s been rapidly sewn together, but that’s a nitpick. I also don’t really care for her braid, but I assume it’s a Lara Croft reference, and given that she is promoting Tomb Raider, I’ll allow it. Especially if she’ll let me borrow that bracelet.

And thinking of things I’d like to borrow…this coat, for which I have not yet found a credit:

Tomb Raider Escape in Spitalfields, London

This is how I IMAGINE I look when I go out in skinny jeans and my camel coat, but somehow it doesn’t quite translate.

I also have to turn to Informative Caption here. Ahem: “Alicia Vikander, Oscar-winning star of the new Tomb Raider movie, unveils ‘Tomb Raider Escape’, the world’s first Escape Room using film sets. The spectacular 1,500 square foot, multi-floor experience challenges fans to tackle ancient puzzles, physical obstacles and interact with the actual film sets and over 50 props from the film. It opens to public for a limited time from this Friday in Spitalfields, London.” I have to say…that actually sounds really awesome? Heather and I LOVE an Escape Room; apparently, there is a bar in London called The Bletchley that’s basically an Escape Room FOR YOUR DRINKS — you have to solve puzzles to get your cocktails — and we were going to go while we’re in London for the royal wedding, but the whole back two weeks of May aren’t available for reservations. Did Meghan buy the whole thing out for visiting relatives? Can’t we be included in that?!?

[Photos: Lia Toby/, Joe Pepler/PinPep/]