I come from a family that are BIG Jeopardy fans — my father and I text every night to tell the other person whether or not we got Final Jeopardy — and this has been a big week: (a) Yesterday was Alex Trebek’s 80th birthday (he looks great, and his health seems to be hanging in there), (b) his autobiography came out, and (c) they’re rerunning noteworthy early episode of Jeopardy this week and they are WILD. They’re so FAST and ROWDY and on Tuesday NO ONE WON? It’s been super entertaining. As, hopefully, will be this look back at our host. Please pull up a potent potable and join me.

Also, the photos from this were not available to me, but I think I reference the Cheers episode where Cliff goes on Jeopardy like once a week:

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