I am extremely happy that 24 is back. I have missed you, Jack Bauer, and now I have hope that we WILL one day get the episode where Jack spends the entire hour stuck in traffic (he’s in London right now and London traffic is terrible! It still works!) or decides to play hooky and go flarg around at the Tower of London and takes the tour for the full hour or is just, like, popping into Selfridges to pee and then gets distracted trying to pick out a tie for an hour. Everyone else will be staring at computers and barking about how THERE’S NO TIME, while Kiefer and some lovely British salesperson keep holding up a series of silk ties next to his face. It will be delightful. Unlike, sadly, this:

UGH. Cate Blanchett could maybe…nah, not even Cate. This is a mini-dress with its own permanent dry cleaning bag.

[Photo: Getty]

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