As I waited for this picture to download, I thought, “Wow, Eva Mendes hasn’t been in a movie in AGES. I wonder what she’s up to. A girl’s career can not run on dating Ryan Gosling alone.” So I looked on IMDb, and she’s in the new HBO movie from Larry David, also starring My Boyfriend Jon Hamm, so I guess she’s doing okay for herself:

EVEN IF SHE CAN’T DRESS HERSELF. I kid you not,  there is FOR SURE a scene in the Judith Krantz masterwork Scruples wherein our heroine Billie Winthrop Ikehorn Orsini puts on this very jumpsuit — presumably before running down to her store to give someone hell. Sexy, sexy hell. And while that is, in a sense, a compliment — I sincerely love that book — while Billie WIO remains awesome, her outfits are perhaps best left in the 80s.

(Parenthetically, I will not rest until all of you have read Scruples and, in fact, at least 2/3rs of the Krantz oeuvre. She published Scruples, her first novel, when she was 50 YEARS OLD, after working in magazines for years, and all of her heroines have extremely interesting, well-drawn jobs. It’s nice to read a trashy book where the heroine has all kinds of romantical problems but also has a fascinating and compelling career.  I am both devastated that the Natalie Portman-produced pilot of Scruples never got picked up, but also perhaps relieved that I don’t have to see Chad Michael Murray RUIN the character of Spider Elliot every week. I’m so torn. I long to see that pilot, as I fear it must have been completely hilari-bad. ANYWAY. I also highly recommend Krantz’s autobiography. It is called — wait for it — Sex and Shopping. And it’s dishy. Thus concludes this meeting of the GFY Parenthetical Trashy Book Club. We don’t like your outfit, Eva, but we appreciate the excuse for the digression.)

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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