All right, True Blood fans, this one’s for you.

I never watched that show, so I missed the S.S. Skarsgard. And so, I invite you all to sing his praises as heartily as you like. What did I miss? Script an elegy to his energy; sing a hymn about him; pen a sonnet to his, um…  secret bonnet? Sure. Obviously, if you just want to pop into the comments to say O YES PLZ that’s fine too, but I realize some of you may have more lyrically loving thoughts than that, so by all means: Go nuts.

Before you start, I have one more present:


Happy Tuesday.

And HERE is the movie’s trailer, by the way, because we should also probably discuss whether we think this thing is going to be any good or just a very long inspiration video for people who want to do more sit-ups.

HAVE AT HIM. I mean, it. Have at it.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]