I have curly hair that badly needed a trim or a cut right around the time we locked it down. Other people might be in a similar boat, or have straight hair, loose hair extensions, roots they don’t want to keep… This is not necessarily a time to worry about appearances, and yet, a lot of getting through this is going to involve self-care and keeping one’s mentality as healthy as possible. Sometimes that’s as simple as NOT looking in a mirror and shrieking, “I LOOK LIKE A WITCH.” It’s the little things. They can start to feel big, unless we do equally little things to manage them.

So, what advice do our intrepid Fug Nationals have? Are you cutting or trimming your own hair, and if so, how? What box dyes or other tints are good, and how can we avoid the fate of poor Anne Shirley? What tips for color mastery or otherwise taming our manes can you share? Or are you just gonna let it run free right now and see what it does? (Also valid!)

Here is your post, then, to ask or give advice. I personally am trying to resist bobbing my hair (like deadheading — start fresh!), in part because I am fiercely unqualified to do it and also because I highly doubt it will look any better than the rat’s nest I’m currently working. But in another week or two my resolve may not be so strong.