There are a lot of superb actors in Black Panther, so it says a lot that Letitia Wright stole her scenes in that movie. She is just cool. Chanel, to me, is not. Don’t get me wrong — this is definitely not the worst or weirdest Chanel outfit I’ve ever seen, and the color works nicely on her. It’s got zip. But with the clothes themselves… I don’t know, there’s almost always something frumpy or clumsy about them to me, and Letitia is neither of those things. She has interesting taste and can wear the hell out of a suit; unfortunately, even her inherent coolness can’t quite elevate this from “slacks my grandmother would have worn.” The runway look had the top open with camisoles underneath it, but also a jangly, hideous logo belt. I wonder how it would look with it unbuttoned, but with, say, a black rock tee, and then swap the slacks for skinny leather pants. What would you do with it? I think the gist of Chanel’s most recent offerings was that it wants to be considered cooler, but I wonder if it will ever truly achieve this without a LOT of help from the actors and stylists.

[Photo: Shutterstock]