You guys, this is Fergie:

As in, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas. Fergalicious, if you feel the need to use her formal title. She is nearly unrecognizable with that hair, which is a good piece of personal intel for her should she eventually choose to go on a crime spree and need to flee the long arm of the law. In this outfit,  she could walk swiftly past any number of people — me, Josh Duhamel,,  the other Fergie — and all of us would first think, “oh, man, that woman really misses late-80s Madonna,” and then, “is she wearing those crazy plastic pants that wrestlers use to make weight??” before anything else even occurred to us. Make a note of this in case you need to go on the lam, Fergie Ferg. Knowledge is power.

[Photo: Getty Images]