Truly, this is exactly what I would like a figure-skater to wear to take center ice before dramatically ripping off the train and doing the rest of her routine in just that leotard. It would be thrilling! She should probably leave her iPhone there on the bench, though. I’m worried the ice will ruin it. (Having a phone pocket in your train is truly A+ Train Planning, though, and I wholly endorse it.)

Also, Informative Caption lets us know that Fug Fave Bai Ling here is attending the Golden Horse Awards in Taipei, which is, as the Washington Post puts it, “Asia’s equivalent of the Academy Awards for Chinese-language films” because she was up for Best Leading Actress for The Abortionist. She lost, but let me be clear: If Bai Ling is about to have a serious career revival, no one will be happier than I will be. Everybody loves a comeback.

She wore this to a nominee party the night prior:

57th Golden Horse Awards Nominee Party

I NEED Bai Ling on the awards circuit. I just got the most delicious hit of serotonin.

[Photo by Billy Dai/AP/Shutterstock, Photo by Chen Lihong/VCG via Getty Images]
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