As Jess noted last week, Sofia Carson is working overtime right now, although for once we can pin most of it to a specific project (her Netflix movie, Purple Hearts). This is back to our more regularly scheduled Sofia programming, i.e., she shows up at a charity gala you didn’t expect her to be invited to while wearing a dramatic gown. I quite like this one, though. She looks like a beautiful Giambattista Valli jellyfish, perhaps from a Finding Nemo offshoot about the little guy’s high-school years.

Vanessa Hudgens went glitzier in Michael Kors at this same UNICEF event:

LuisaViaRoma Red Carpet for Unicef 2022, Capri, Italy - 30 Jul 2022

This shiny, sexy stuff is what he does best, and Vanessa is maximizing it for sure. These two women, in fact, are both doing the most right now. Maybe they need to team up in a Netflix movie. Surely Vanessa’s Princess Switch triplets could bump into another set of doppelgangers?

[Photos: Giandomenico D’Angelo/ipa-agen/Shutterstock]