Rowan here — chiefly known as Corey and Topanga’s daughter on the Boy Meets World sequel, Girl Meets World — was at a dinner celebrating Preen, so I’m sure the expectation was that she would wear Preen.

But she appears to have mistaken the word “Preen” for “Artsy Exploding Spleen.” Or “Hung Over Disney Princess Fever Dream.” Or “Mattress Pad Has-Been.” Or “Hipster Vintage Store Crackpot Halloween.” Or “Ruched Fashion Gangrene.” Or “Hang On I Just Time-Traveled To The Old West And Got In A Saloon Fight And Then My Skirt Was Caught In The Delorean Door and Ripped and Whoops I Left Some Of It Drifting In The Space-Time Continuum So I Guess I Should Go Back For It And Make Sure It Doesn’t Land Somewhere Inconvenient Upstream.”

And, scene.

[Photo: Getty]