Yara Shahidi is sixteen years old, and she’s on black-ish (a show which boasts some of the cutest kids in TV), and when I read that this dress is Tracy Reese, I wrote this whole mini-fanfic in my head about how Tracee Ellis Ross (who is Yara’s TV mom) helped her pick it out, because we often see TER at the Tracy Reese show when we go to Fashion Week, and it’s always very exciting for me to get to admire her general awesomeness in person. (That show is also where I talked to both Sasheer Zamata and Jessica Lowndes about red lipstick — they were both delightful — so it’s clearly a place where good things happen.) I feel like this scenario is TOTALLY possible, frankly.

Whoever gave the final thumbs up to this dress, though, should pat themselves on the back and give themselves another scoop of ice cream (I was going to say, another glass of wine, until I realized it might have been Yara herself). It is so charming — cheery and fun, but still sophisticated and surprisingly unfussy. I kind of want to see it at the afterparty, with a demin jacket, because you know that would be cute, too. Full marks all around. Don’t act surprised: You know I can never resist a stripe.

[Photo: Getty Images]