Apparently Cheryl Cole here is determined to make orange happen. Orange is the new fetch.

I am not a fan of white shoes, so I really wish she’d picked something for her feet that wouldn’t glare at me. But the orange dress is cute and simple and has a whiff of retro about it. Actually, it all cracks me up a little — the sedate hair, the pearls, the simple outfit. It’s like somebody told her to treat her entry into America like she’s chairing a cotillion planning meeting. But she’s cute. When I’m not going cross-eyed by her fashion choices, I can appreciate her face. See how that works? Sometimes a girl needs to slow it down and let her DNA do the talking.

I can’t say for sure that’s what Paula is doing her, as she is continuing her Wow, Did Paula Get Work Done Or Did She Just Get A Year’s Worth Of Sleep? tour:

Either way, she looks tremendous, and not at all like she’s hopped up on goofballs — which I suspect was part of her point, but unfortunately, I really LIKED her when she was acting drunk on wack juice. So maybe this strategy will backfire in terms of X-Factor viewership, but as far as viewership of this photo goes, for me, it’s a hit. Straight up. OH YES. I went there.