Well, I typed the headline before I really stared at the picture.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle Cups. Her right boob has some strange pulling and bunching of the fabric, and I can’t figure out why. I am still giving this to her for her entire head, the color and POTENTIAL of the dress, and the awesome shoes and pedicure — and also because I’m admittedly in a hurry, and hey, it’s thematic for me to let her get away with murder, isn’t it?

But the real full marks come from what she did earlier in the week at an LA Times panel discussion:

This happened right around the time news broke about Cannes trying to ban women in flats. Viola reportedly was so put off by that, she decided not to change into her planned high heels, and instead kept on her rockin’ gold Vans. I love that she thumbed her nose at France from all the way in California, and let’s not ignore the bracelet twinkling at us from her wrist.

Let’s also not ignore Cicely Tyson, and how she looks better at 81 than I do in my thirties — and also, does Olivia Pope need a grandmother? Because Cicely is already dressed for the part.

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