By popular demand, I present to you SWINTON on The Daily Show:

I love how she is doing the whole “wind in your hair” thing that Tyra squawks about on Top Model, except instead of her hair, it’s in her blouse. It makes her look like she just landed her own plane, ripped off her Earhart goggles, and strode into Jon Stewart’s world.

And I love that jacket on her — lots of Tweets suggested she looked like a cabaret emcee that had been mugged; me, I think she’s the ringmaster of a divine circus of her own making, surely the only circus in the world I would willingly go to or even pay to see. She was delightful in the interviews, too. I think we are soulmates. She talked about how she never wants to direct because she’s too lazy (me TOO), how she has twins who are awesome (ME TOO), and, how your best shot at raising normal kids is up in a tree in the Scottish highlands (I… also have a tree!). I would suggest that we’re the same person, except we have actually been spotted — by Jessica — in the same place at the same time, i.e., on a plane to Newark. And it would’ve been awkward if Jessica had sat down next to SWINTON and been all, “HEATHER! SWINTON is on this plane! She’s with a dude who looks like Jesus, and he… wait, did I just sit on someone’s lap, because I… oh. OH.” But she didn’t, so she must be able to tell us apart. Sigh. I guess I’ll have to save it for Halloween.