It rarely matters what Helen Mirren is actually wearing. Because she gives it greatness. Here, please observe how the great Dame takes everyone else’s lipstick game and kicks it in the shins.

But let’s be real: There isn’t much new to discuss (Helen Mirren is groovy; Helen Mirren looks great even when the dress is a little twee), and this is mostly an excuse to sit around the Internet campfire and discuss her Budweiser “Don’t Drive Drunk” ad from the Super Bowl, which easily won the night (sorry, Denver):

My father loved to drop the word “pillock” upon the unsuspecting. Sometimes when he REALLY meant it, he’d tell you that he mentally was spelling it with a Q at the end, as if to drive home the point that you dwelled in Ultimate Pillockitude. He would have loved this ad, and I find its spicy directness to be crisp and refreshing in a way that Budweiser could only dream of achieving.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]