I can’t tell if I would have liked this regardless, but after the hallucinogenic festival of yuck we’ve just seen from this Stella show, Amandla is like a fragrant beach breeze:

Okay, the shoes, I will pass on — but her head is phemonenal, and Amandla is exactly the right person to be wearing that outfit. She’s giving it the youth and freshness it demands, and it’s even pretty flattering. I almost think she could’ve just worn regular sneakers, and not Stella McCartney Moon-Boot-Oxfords, and been totally fine. (She is also supposedly besties with Kiernan Shipka, and I’m guessing that even with my FEELINGS about what the latter had to wear to this thing, they probably had a bang-up time getting ready together.) Way to go, Rue.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]