Okay, so the makeup might looks a tiny bit messy, but it’s of a theme with the outfit — and it’s Beauty Con, so maybe Drew was just under a lot of pressure to wear her own products (she has a cosmetics line).

On balance, though, this all seems pretty Peak Drew to me. She LOVES a pretty demi-caftan, and she gave it a statement bracelet. I could as easily picture her wearing this to light incense and sit cross-legged on her floor with Cameron Diaz while praying to a variety of goddesses and spirits on The Other Side, as I can her taking a business meeting. Or, indeed, speaking to an assembled group of beauty fans:

I mean, if I’d paid however much money to hear Drew Barrymore talk about creating a makeup company and getting it into Walmart, this is EXACTLY how I would want her to look while doing it: Like a proud den mother who’s listening to 80 or so Brownies singing “Make New Friends But Keep The Old.”

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