Sometimes, Heather and I are accused of favoritism in terms of giving certain celebs a pass on items we’d slam other celebrities for. I think it’s more the case that people who are likeable or chic or noteworthily weird or — best! — all three can just PULL OFF things that other celebs can not. Like, can you imagine, um, Jennifer Love Hewitt pulling off some of the stuff that, say, Cate Blanchett does? It’s a question of knowing What You Can Pull Off sometimes. And so while I have my concerns about a few aspects of this look on AnnaSophia Robb — namely, are her shoes weird? And should something else have happened with her hair? — I kind of have to give it to her:

Because this is bright and cheery and fun, and so is she. I don’t know if the CW is going to renew The Carrie Diaries — I hope they do — but she is SO CHARMING on it that I kind of feel like she can do whatever she wants.

[Photo: Getty]