You know how I often point out that a dress would make good wallpaper, and it’s not always an insult? This dress would make great wallpaper and it’s DEFINITELY not an insult:

Because I love this. It’s so pretty.

Look at the front:

As we often say, not EVERYTHING has to make a statement about being risky or directional or whatever. Sometimes it’s enough to just look good, for pete’s sake. And that thing is, there’s a different between GOOD and SAFE — because this is a very bold fabric. It’s certainly not boring. It’s splashy. A pattern at a formal event — as I am ALWAYS banging on about — is unusual, even at the Met Gala. But it’s also not trying too hard and it’s not attempting to say something beyond “hey! I’m wearing a fabulous dress!” and it’s not desperate for attention. It’s just very pretty indeed. And that is a relief.