A common theme in all these shows now is: coming out of the pandemic, and what will everyone want? Some designers decide don big glamour, some picked simply BIG, some went for suits. LaQuan Smith leaned into SEXY:

I’m offering pieces that are timeless—that women could incorporate and be the center of attention in whenever they go out,” he says, adding that his customer doesn’t want basics. “In the middle of a pandemic, my sales went up 87 percent for body suits and catsuits. I was like, ‘ Where are these women going?’ People still want to go out and get dressed up.” […] His latest assortment, he says, is what he envisions the current crop of New York party girls wearing. “It’s fresh, young, and sexy,” said Smith. “To me, it’s the new New York bitch.”

His opening model? Julia Fox, freshly divested of Ye and serving up a heaping platter of boob pancake.

[Photos: Imaxtree]