La la la, I totally messed up while Googling “Prabal Gurung 2023″ for a review of this show, and initially wrote this piece based on LAST season’s Vogue review that was lukewarm-to-negative — a gong I thought seemed familiar but didn’t find in our coverage! So I just assumed Vogue was continually mad at him! But no. Vogue was fine with this collection, if perhaps avoiding an especially strong opinion, though they did mention that Prabal went on a 10-day silent retreat recently and I’ve decided that was a direct reaction to the mag’s displeasure in September. ANYWAY. Google with more precision than I did, and check your dates, pals! By the by, the previous season’s review also essentially said that they wished Prabal would return to form, and it actually still applies for me  — there are some nice looking moments in here, but it devolves halfway through and overall it is not the rebound from last season’s mess that I had hoped.

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