You know what? I have a high tolerance for Taylor, but I just can’t with this, to use MTV-appropriate vernacular:

Those shoes are great, but she’s wearing sparkly houndstooth sweatpants that she kept pulling up all night (so as not to violate the Taylor Swift Anti-Bellybutton Guidelines) with a matching cropped top. There is no human alive who can really wear sparkly houndstooth sweatpants without looking slightly absurd, but definitely not when that human also makes the choice to go really matchy-matchy with that particular life choice. Okay, wait, that’s a lie. Gwen Stefani could wear this. But Taylor is no Gwen Stefani (although if she starts making her squad wear harajuku outfits, then we might need to revise that) — not even at the VMAs.

[Photpo: Getty]