This show still exists, and apparently things are about to happen on it. That is about as much Walking Dead insight I have, other than the major departure that everyone knows about but which I still fear I will get scolded for revealing. However: Anything that keeps Danai Gurira in the money is good with me. She’s a smart lady and a Tony-nominated playwright, she kicked ass in Black Panther, she wields a machete in this apparently (or did?) and would appear not to have been snacked on by any zombies, and was credited as saying this poignant quote that should resonate today:

“There’s a saying in Africa, if you give a woman empowerment, you empower a community, you empower men, you empower man. When women become empowered and live in their strength it’s beneficiary to others, and I think as young women today we sometimes forget that we are standing on the struggle of other women. Those women had to stand up to make a change, and they were not popular, and now we’re making them unpopular again.”

Hugs to you all.