I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I haven’t embraced the CW’s witch drama The Secret Circle the way I have Vampire Diaries. It just hasn’t lit my fuse yet. Some of it is, I think, casting: Three of the girls look too similar — and one of them must be on the verge of getting written out, because they almost never use her — and none of the guys are anywhere near as compelling nor snarky nor sexy-bad-good as Stefan, Damon, and Klaus. The closest Secret Circle has to their brand of “I’m either going to kill you or make out with you or just pant in your face for a second and then slay you with my verbal knives” is Phoebe Tonkin’s Faye, but Faye is less clever than the Salvatores and not terribly likable in spite of her selfishness, so… it’s a problem, is what I’m saying.

Also a problem:

When my first thought is, “Damn, Shenae Grimes would  KILL FOR THAT OUTFIT,” you have gone astray.

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