Herein: a clothing montage, a new character to love — whom the show will probably promptly forget — and more urges to punch Philip. You can read the Epic Old-School Recap here, which covers the paces through which Prince Philip put Charles as he tried to ignore the son he has and raise him into the one he wanted. Including:

By historical accounts, it was, in fact, the Queen Mum who broached this topic with Elizabeth. She was apparently a very doting grandmother to Charles, and attentive when it came to this stuff, and she appealed to Liz and Phil to send Charles to Eton. So what does The Crown do? Write out the involvement of a major female character — one we actually know and who has skin in the game and relationships with all the major players — in favor of the bland and antiseptic male headmaster telling Elizabeth what to do.


This does NOT feel like something Tommy Lascelles would have approved of, because one mechanical issue, and we’re looking at King Andrew and eventually Queen Beatrice. And nobody wants that. (No offense, Beatrice. I’m sure you’re fine.) (Also: imagine if William flew George to school now. He’d get savaged for being a wasteful taxpayer-draining lunk.)

Mosey on over — the reason it’s separate is that those pieces were originally commissioned for, which has since shuttered —¬†and come back here for more grabs, more clothes, more ALL-CAPS.

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