Also in this episode: Naked Peter Townsend, Naked Matthew Goode, a strange series of things that make Matthew Goode look dorky, several shoe close-ups, and DUCKFACE. The full, epic, old-school-style recap is up – originally posted on, we moved it here when the site closed in 2019 — and here’s a wee quote:

They joke about elopement, and then Tony tosses out the Abbey as an option, under the auspices of what a great lark it would be to fill it with half her friends and half his. “New world, old world,” he says. “Like an eagle with two heads facing in opposite directions.” Or…like a wedding. Not everything has to be performance art, dude, least of all your love life. Margaret mulls this, then lets a spiteful, smug smile crawl over her face. “Let’s make it bigger than my sister’s,” she breathes. “Let’s eclipse her. Let’s shake this place to its core.” What exactly does she think this wedding is going to BE? Polyamorous? Nudist? Suffused with acid?

The detailed recap awaits here, and above, a sheaf of photos.

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