It’s been two years — whether by design, to divorce us a bit more from Claire Foy, Vanessa Kirby, and Matt Smith, or by accident — but The Crown finally drops its third season on Sunday. I am very excited to discuss it with you all; the embargo seems to have been lifted, as Alan Sepinwall published his review for Rolling Stone — it’s fairly detailed, so inasmuch as there can’t really be spoilers, don’t look if you want to be truly surprised — and on Tuesday we’re recording the Extra Hot Great podcast with our TWoP pals Tara, Sarah, and Dave. We’ll also cover it here some, but because of our book deadline, we will likely be limited to a hybrid of our old long-form recaps (which live here now that is gone) and what we did for Game of Thrones: important screen grabs, obviously, but otherwise just a few of our gut reactions that make way for more detailed debate in the comments. Once we figure out our posting schedule for the episodes — it’s hard when they all appear at once — we’ll let you know.

It is not a spoiler to tell you that I want Erin Doherty to do a Princess Anne series.

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