Alexandra O’Neill launched Markarian only four years ago. So basically, in the span of the Trump Administration, she went from zero to On The Biggest Stage Imaginable When We Said BYEEEE To That Guy. No shade to the bigger American brands — Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, et al — but this was diplomatic dressing at its finest: The First Lady of the United States wore something made in America by an American who owns her own small business, and she made Markarian more of a household name. It’s really exciting to see that kind of effort and messaging, and I suspect this means we’ll see a lot more of Markarian going forward.

Vogue only lists four official Markarian collections, none of which were formal runway shows; we don’t have photos available, but we DO have the pictures we’ve used over the years of celebs in a variety of Markarian clothes. I’ve arranged them above by style rather than by year, just because some of them share so many commonalities and it’s more interesting to me to see them grouped that way, than to worry about exactly when it was worn. Safe to say they’re all from the last three or so years.

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