Heather’s theory is that Julianne Moore has realized that she is more than likely going to win this Oscar, and she does not want to look back on any of the photos of this awards season 30 years from now and think, “WHAT was I WEARING?” and I think that theory is dead on. Because this is totally great:

Green on a redhead is almost always a slam dunk, but add the beading and I am totally in the bag for this. I am starting to get scared, though. It’s like when your college basketball team is undefeated heading into the tournament. You KNOW you’re going to whiff it eventually — we’re all human — and you want to do it when it doesn’t count, not when all the chips are down (I’m going to mix as many metaphors as humanly possible). Go outside wearing something INCREDIBLY HIDEOUS this weekend, Julianne! Wear a tablecloth belted with caution tape to the Independent Spirit Awards! SAVE YOURSELF.