At the Emmys, I remember Betsy Brandt saying that she was wearing Alice + Olivia because she randomly met Stacey Bendet at an airport and they hit it off before either of them realized what the other person did.

That was obviously a fortuitous day for her: Alice + Olivia dressed her on that day, at the Globes, and then here, all in a very strikingly similar silhouette. Of the three, this is my favorite overall look; while the Globes outfit nipped her at the waist a bit tighter,  this styling is better, and I’m drawn to the chartreuse. Somehow I keep thinking of chemistry when I see that color, and since her show was about how chemistry teachers are dangerous weapons and chemistry KILLS PEOPLE (that IS the moral, right?), it’s apt that I keep thinking of fluorescent things and reactions and potions and whatnot.

I also love this:

I think Jonathan Banks is just trying to keep her from exiting on the wrong side of the stage, but I like to think she was really refusing to get off because she was going to HAVE HER MOMENT, DAMMIT, and she was planning to break into song and give everyone a piece of her mind, and so Mike Ehrmantraut was brought in to Fix It. Never go against Mike Ehrmantraut, Betsy. Although having a heavy-ass award in your hand is a good way to try.